The Emergence of Conscious Finance


I am Clare Chapman and I have been working as a Chartered Accountant for over 30 years, gaining experience in many sectors and businesses, from SMEs to large multi-nationals, in a diverse range of roles.

I am a Conscious Business Change Agent, a pro-active, motivated accountant and a lateral thinker.

Working as an accountant, I have seen the strong connection between the success and financial health of an organisation – regardless of its size or its purpose – and its culture around money. When the culture around money is dysfunctional or hidden, the organisation does not thrive during difficult times.

My natural curiosity as to why this should be so, combined with a perspective I developed while studying homoeopathy and Bowen technique during a career break, led me to the conclusion that we need to understand what money truly is and how our relationship with it influences our decisions in profound ways.

This desire for understanding brought me into contact with the conscious business movement and the Conscious Business Declaration and led me to explore my own money story. In turn, this gave me unexpected opportunities to delve into the more esoteric, spiritual aspects of money, particularly through people such as Jeff Vander Clute, who continues to be a source of inspiration for me.

Conscious Finance emerged out of a desire to share what I have learned and it is a new perspective for finance which draws on the rational, analytical skills of the accountant and the inspirational, creative talents of the conscious leader.

Being able to share the Conscious Finance perspective with people to help change how we all do business and to create prosperity for all is very rewarding. I love how it weaves the different experiences of my life into a coherent and beautiful offering.

Conscious Finance Limited

The soulful purpose of Conscious Finance Limited is to facilitate financial wholeness within individuals and organisations which manifests through fair exchange and prosperity for all.

The practical purpose of Conscious Finance Limited is to support individuals and organisations to develop a finance function which moves from a silo into being fully integrated into and aligned with the purpose of the organisation, embedding a true understanding of money and exchange into the culture and activities of the organisation as a whole.

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