Align Your Vision
and Your Finance

When your vision and your finances are not aligned, you experience being out of flow and this reflects in your business.

If you are feeling the pain of not being able to convert your vision into a healthy financial expression, perhaps your vision and finances are out of alignment. It may be that you are being hijacked by a money story that is not serving you.

I can help you to explore where this misalignment is and how to look at your money story so that you can achieve equanimity and stay in flow even when the going gets tough.

This is a one-to-one dialogue which may be a single event or over a series of meetings where we explore together the underlying story or pattern which is keeping you stuck. Through different exercises, you learn how to make your unconscious story conscious so that you become the master of your money and not its slave.


We can do some great leadership work for ourselves and within our businesses with our staff. We can see great changes and feel like we are making great progress.

Then, something can happen which throws us off course. Often, this ‘something’ is connected to finance. We can’t always see how or why there is a connection and we can lose our way.

Working in conjunction with your conscious leadership program, I can assist you to develop a conscious finance culture within your organisation. Developing Conscious Finance will support you and your finance team through the conscious leadership program so that finance is embedded in your leadership program and in your culture, not left ‘silo’d’ in an old paradigm.

If you have not already embarked on a conscious leadership program, let’s look at how you can use your money story as a way of developing your leadership skills. Money is not ‘just’ a means of exchange, it is a powerful tool for getting to know ourselves, inside and out!

Developing leadership skills which are embued with Conscious Finance will have an enormously postive and ongoing impact on all stakeholders in your business as reflected in your results.

Inspirational Talks

Let’s talk together about how to reframe our perception of money and finance to create abundance and prosperity for ourselves and our planet.

Through understanding the truth about money and embracing Conscious Finance, we can empower ourselves and others to truly understand money and the role it plays in our lives and our economies. In this way, we can use business as a force for good and create prosperity for all. This is in alignment with the Conscious Business Declaration.

So, if you are part of a group who like to explore interesting topics together or you want to look at a particular aspect of money and finance which may be helpful for an organisation you belong to, let’s see how we can work together to produce a stimulating and inspirational conversation or webinar. This can be in person or by Zoom.


Through individually tailored courses or workshops, develop practical tools to embody Conscious Finance in your life, your workplace, your community – in educational settings, for-profits, not-for-profits, B-Corps, NGO’s, spiritual and secular communities – you name it, it’s relevant.

As we all come to realise the truth about money and see it as a means of providing fairness and prosperity for all, we can begin to reveal the beautiful world we are already living in!

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